Saturday, March 5, 2016

Meal #07: India and Myanmar

Today's was a great meetup made up of a combination of great people (old and new) and great food! Annapurna, on Thanon Pan, is an Indian restaurant serving great vegetarian and non-vegetarian food with a smaller Burmese side menu.

As with all our meetups, I have a limit of ten people for every meal because it's hard to get a table and/or socialise with anything larger. In past meetups, we've always had one or two drop out at the last minute, so it was a pleasant surprise to have all 10 people show up today. We were: Lynette, Anna, Hiro, Vera, Chihiro, Josh, Sharon, Kim, Emily and myself hailing from the US, Japan, Russia, England, the Philippines and Singapore.

The staff at Annapura were real great too. I came in an hour early to ask for a table for 10. When I came back, there it was, waiting for us. The menu had lots of explanations, although the Burmese menu was more of a list. Still, that didn't deter us from ordering.

For starters, we had some samosas (potato filled curry puffs), and two exceptional dishes: the first was the lapeit thoke, or tea leaf salad. This Burmese dish featured fermented tea leaves, which was complemented by the crunch of the peanuts and dhal. Fresh garlic added a little kick to the dish. Some of us have had tea leaf salad in Myanmar before, and we found that Annapura's version to be superior.

The second exceptional starter was the Panipuri, consisting of an egg-shaped crispy dough ball, which you stuffed with a potato and chickpea mixture, and topped off with a spicy green sauce. A great combination of textures and flavours, but also it was fun having to assemble your own.

Everyone ordered their own mains, mostly curries with rice or bread - most were dispatched before I could take photos. For my order, I had a masala dosa.

We ordered a fair bit of starters and drinks, and after all that the bill only came up to B 220 per person. A really good price! The rat fund collection came up to THBB 90, bringing the total to THB 1550.

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